November 27, 2021 | 02:43 AM

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Why the average investor achieves poor returns

When it comes to money and investing, we're not always as rational as we think we are


Australians have never had it so good

Australians have never had it so good, to coin a phrase.


$1 Million: Does It Still Mean You're Rich?

Becoming a millionaire used to mean you were on top of the world. Nowadays, it means you are climbing up the ladder.


6 Months To A Better Budget

Can you have perfect abs in just six minutes a day? Maybe not, but you can have a rock-solid budget in six months.


The road ahead for the global economy

Will a weak recovery lapse into chronic stagnation?


Receiving a refund from the tax man

Tax is levied on your taxable income on a progressive basis referred to as marginal tax rates, which can vary from between 0 per cent and 45 per cent


Tax perks for share traders

It?s tax time and this means working out how much money you?ve made or lost on the stockmarket this financial year and how much tax you?re up for.


It's raining money

The $900 cash bonus is on its way to almost nine million Australians. FatCat gives 5 smart ways to spend your windfall.


Materialism and happiness

The cost of the consumer lifestyle. By Dr Clive Hamilton


Buy or lease a car?

So you've opted to get a new car. The question is should you buy it or lease it?

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