June 25, 2022 | 08:50 PM

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Should we follow the US and UK and separate our banks?

David Murray dropped something of a bombshell in suggesting he may recommend the separation of Australian retail banking from investment banking.


Your life in their hands - privacy and your mobile device

The explosive uptake of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets has us immersed in a complex, volatile soup


Malaysia Airlines now faces stark choices in a battle to survive

The airline industry has a history of poor financial returns.


Australia ranks on innovation - but indolence could cost us

This year's news on Australia's global innovation ranking could be a lot worse


Qantas: still 'Australian' but struggling in a competitive market

The Qantas Sale Act amendments are set to pass the Senate this week


The future of financial advice is set to remain conflicted

The interim Murray inquiry report found access to quality advice is being undermined


Government Inc: time to revisit competitive neutrality

Competitive neutrality is the principle that where government competes with private business


Audio Q&A: Professor Joseph Stiglitz on inequality, rent-seeking and Australia's 'brand name'

Nobel Laureate and renowned economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz has been packing out lecture theatres in Australia in the past week.


How we can reinvigorate the Australian Federation

When our two major levels of government work in partnership, our Federation can function well.


Coming to an arena near you - economists, the new rock stars

For the most part economists do not get their own television programs

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