June 25, 2022 | 08:23 PM

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Why 'free' will eventually cost you

Remember the days when free really was free?


Three ways to feel less guilty about frequent flying

If you are worried about the impact of your flying on climate change but keep flying anyway, you might be addicted.


How to cheat on personality tests, and other pseudosciences

Personality tests are problematic for empirical, logical and ethical reasons.


Abbott in India: the Asian Century won't be all about China

India is now Australia's 5th most important export destination


Economic outlook in Australia remains murky

The picture of the Australian economy painted by the latest data is murky.


Emotions and eating: a marketer's dream?

Both research and popular media tell us that emotions and eating are intrinsically related.


Most 'big data' marketing is a waste of time, and here's why

We often look for answers in the easiest place and not necessarily where the answer is to be found.


Making the world a better place, one economist at a time

"The Economics of Everything" manages to be at once a call to action for Australian policymakers


Australia has outsourced migration policy to the private sector

Australia's migration policy has shifted significantly in the past 20 years


Skilled migration is in trouble, but don't shoot the messenger

Recently leaked Immigration department documents reveal considerable rates of visa fraud in the Australian immigration system.

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