June 25, 2022 | 07:26 PM

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The enduring myth of the industrial relations club

The Abbott government will soon ask the Productivity Commission to review the Fair Work system.


Anti-corruption bar set higher, but Australia still has more to do

Despite the adoption of a third two-year G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan, corruption received only a few lines in the latest G20 leaders' communique.


Japan's snap election is about more than just Abenomics

The decision by Japan's prime minister to call a snap election demonstrates a degree of political flexibility other world leaders can only envy


What to expect from the G20 communique and why we should expect more

Although Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott believes the G20 should focus solely on economic issues


Why we should question G20 claims of a global infrastructure shortfall

Even with these initiatives, funds compared to projects are still limited.


We need to put high-growth tech companies on the G20 agenda

The world was a very different place in December 1999 when the first G20 met in Berlin.


Australia's G20 growth challenge: protecting our standard of living

G20 finance ministers agreed in February to significantly raise global growth


Quantitative easing is over, but can Joe Hockey stop worrying about rising inequality?

Hockey and Murdoch were arguing that lower taxes and smaller government are the best ways to address inequality


Murdoch discovers inequality, but he's not on 'Team Australia'

Murdoch's special address to an exclusive meeting of the world's most powerful finance ministers got a second airing this week.


How to shape economic policy when we move beyond GDP

Most of the limitations of GDP are well known

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