August 10, 2022 | 04:29 AM



We Live In An Age Of Energy Abundance

What will it take for us to realise that the doom-mongers are wrong, and that we live in an era of energy abundance?


Down, down but not different: Australia's supermarkets in a race to the bottom

For 25 years, Woolworths told shoppers they were "the fresh food people".


Keeping up or holding back? The regulation challenge for government

A 21st Century government needs 21st Century regulation.


Using family trusts to minimise tax is on the nose: so why are policy makers silent?

The general public know there is something "not right" with the tax treatment of family trusts


From 'debt and deficit' to 'building prosperity': what's needed to shift the economic narrative

Turnbull began the conversation on Sunday in announcing his new ministry.


Banks are training us to embrace their competitors

Blockchain allows the organisation of complex transaction systems


Market volatility is here to stay, but high-frequency trading not all bad

The volatility on global equity markets in August was at its highest since 2011.


Why the Fed is no longer center of the financial universe

Markets have been speculating for months about whether the US Federal Reserve would raise interest rates in September.


Turnbull inherits an economy battered by global headwinds

Malcolm Turnbull was all smiles after his overnight ascension to the prime ministership


Data indicates the recession is effectively here; it's what policy makers do next that counts

The latest economic figures released by the ABS have fuelled the debate on the future of the Australian economy

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