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Yes, it is our business: how corporations can help on Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs focus on the greatest challenges faced by humanity with the aim of ending poverty and hunge


Australia's next wave of startups could be from the over-55s

Senior entrepreneurs are Australia's fastes-growing segment of entrepreneurs


How fast food is reinventing itself as healthy and caring

Celebrity chefs and the public frequently lambaste fast food corporations for causing and exacerbating the global obesity "crisis".


What the mining sector and Australian politics have in common

Even for mining companies that are used to rapid change in the business environment, the past 12 years have been nothing short of extraordinary.


Economic modelling may overplay the costs of Australia's 2030 climate target

The debate about Australia's 2030 climate target, and how much it will cost Australia's economy, continues.


How a Chinese slowdown will hit global growth

As China's markets fall and drag down global equities, the concern is how much a slowdown in the Chinese economy will affect the rest of the world.


The government vs the environment: lawfare in Australia

A key feature of authoritarianism is that the government is above the law


Lackluster jobs growth and stagnant wages show why the Fed shouldn't raise interest rates just yet

Let's take a closer look at the July numbers with both dimensions in mind.


Can't we just remove carbon dioxide from the air to fix climate change? Not yet

If we have put too much CO2 into the air, wouldn't it make sense to find ways to remove it again?


Chasing the 'silver sliver': making sure innovation doesn't slip through our fingers

There are several widely-agreed upon facts about the current world economy.

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