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Be Your Own Brand Champion - Or Get One Now

The best brands have a person who continually advocates the brand, guards the brand against negativity, protects the brand, and is the living embodiment of the brand promise.


Three Steps to Handling the Unexpected

We live and lead in a world of imperfect information, guaranteed surprises, and unpredictable occurrences.


The Attitude That's Killing Your Career

In a recent study identifying the most common career-limiting habits, "It's Not My Job" came in second place.


Taking a New Look at "The Motherhood Penalty"

There has been a lot of discussion over the years of the penalty women incur in their careers and earnings when they have children.


10 Disappearing Middle-Class Jobs

The troubled economy sped up many of the structural employment changes already occurring, and those with good middle-class jobs were not immune.


Give Up Control And Let Your Content Spread For Maximum Exposure

Did you know that every piece of content and conversation that you publish online can help you build your business, brand and career?


3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Better Non-profit CEO

The core of these principles may apply to for-profit entities as well.


The Weirdest Job Interview Questions And How To Handle Them

No matter where you apply for work, there is a chance you could get a question from left field.


How can I find out if my presentation works? -Presentation Training

You can foolproof your presentations by testing before and after every one.


3 Words to Small Business Success: Easy, Fun and Popular

What´s the attitude you show up to in your business each day?

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