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Negotiating: Making the Interview Process Work for You

The person without a strategy is in a less powerful position than the one with a strategy.


Is The Goal Of A Corporation To Delight Its Employees?

The principal lesson of business: customers come before employees.


The Best-Paying Work-At-Home Jobs

Across age groups and job categories, demand is growing for good-paying work that can be done right from home.


Why Does It Feel Like I'm Always Working?

The life of a business owner doesn?t need to involve perpetual work.


Most Entrepreneurs Should Never Bring On Investors

According to many sources, over 90 percent of all businesses are started and grown with no equity financing, and many others would have been better off without it.


Top 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Pivot a Lean Startup

The popular view of a real entrepreneur is someone with a big vision, and a stubborn determination to charge straight ahead through any obstacle and make it happen.


Consider Negotiation a Challenge to Get a Better Deal

We hear a lot about how women don't like to negotiate. In fact, we've heard so much about it both in the press and from our students that we now discuss it primarily to debunk it.


The Ten Happiest Jobs

Why were these jobs with better pay and higher social status less likely to produce happiness?


How to Get Your Mojo Back

We've all had those days when it feels like we're just going through the motions.


The 4 Lessons We Learn by Making Mistakes and Refusing to be Relentlessly Pleasant

Lather, rinse, repeat, starting with Rule #1 and turn your "first draft" into workplace prose.

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