June 16, 2019 | 07:48 AM

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Minimum wage up but households still falling behind

Taking into account inflation, the increase in Australia's minimum wage announced yesterday is about A$4.80 per week.


No, it's not you: why 'wellness' isn't the answer to overwork

Many of the people who visit me in my therapy practice spend time talking about work.


High youth unemployment can't be blamed on wages

Youth unemployment rates in Australia have been increasing steadily since the global financial crisis


From rooster to feather duster: why leaders can't change

It's said that success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan.


Rising jobless rate means young workers lose in penalty rates deal

A new agreement in South Australia has opened the door for the reduction and even removal of penalty rates in the retail sector.


There could be more winners than losers in reducing minimum wages and penalty rates

A major challenge within the current debate is that while lower wages create some winners, at the same time they create some losers.


Cyber security winners will be those that nurture talent

Australia is going through yet another iteration of a domestic cyber security review.


Business must show the lead on intergenerational employment

As the workforce ages, the age at which workers are being labelled by organisations and recruiters as "old" is getting younger.


Australian dream a nightmare for many labour hire employees

With another fruit picking season in Australia have come the usual reports of "dodgy" labour hire contractors operating in farms around the country.


A day of rest: the costs of removing penalty rates/

Lowering the minimum wage and removing penalty rates would hit hardest the most vulnerable workers

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