February 21, 2018 | 02:02 PM

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How to get good tenants

There are a few tips you can follow to minimise the chance of your house/flat turning up on "A Current Affair" or "Today Tonight" under a "Worst Tenant Ever?" story


Thinking of becoming a landlord?

As rents soar and property prices stagnate the status of landlord is becoming increasingly attractive.


What is the ultimate property to buy

What does the ultimate property look like? Is it heritage or modern? Is it waterfront or inner city? We hunt down the ultimate property to buy.


Does raising rates really cut inflation?

The fluctuations of global oil prices are the primary driver of inflation, not just in Australia, but globally.


Why agents are out and selling your property yourself is in

Are real estate agents really worth their keep?


Property - buy or sell first?

The dilemma of buying or selling your home first haunts many a homebuyer.


What is your property really worth?

Has your property slipped in value recently?


The next boom suburbs

Keep an eye on large city infrastructure projects as these developments can boost prices in key suburbs.


Pay off your mortgage in record speed

Some insider tricks and a bit of discipline can see you shorten the long game of paying off your mortgage quite considerably.


Where are interest rates headed?

If we are headed for bleak times with interest rates remaining high and rising inflation - what should homeowners do to safeguard their situation?

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