March 17, 2018 | 11:31 PM

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The cautionary tale of Spain's real estate bubble

Spaniards Fernando and Sara got married in 2007.


A property market correction?

Australians are positively loaded and most of this wealth has been generated from property...


Should we be bracing for an inevitable housing bubble bust?

By now it should be obvious to anybody who is not a banker or a real estate agent that Australia is in the grip of a substantial housing bubble.


Don't blame foreign investment for rising house prices

One question that arises on the topic of real estate is the scale of foreign investment and ownership in Australia.


A toxic mess: vested interests and the real estate industry

Conflicts of interest undermine the quality of advice and policy.


10 Things That Make a Home a Good Home

Here are ten things you should consider when choosing your next home.


Extreme-Climate Homes

Humans are able to live in almost every world climate.


Is Now The Time For A Young Person To Buy A Home?

Weight the cost/benefit of buying a place vs renting.


5 Overpricing Cures That Can Get Your Home Sold

Home sellers want to get their homes sold, fast, but also want - and need - to squeeze every single possible dollar out of it.


5 Renovations That Are Cheaper In The Summer

Depending on where you live and the local climate, the summer months can be an ideal time to do home renovations, especially if outdoor work is involved.

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