July 18, 2018 | 07:08 AM

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Australia needs more than dense housing arguments

Have we finally found the Holy Grail for affordable housing?


Zombie economics: the notion China is to blame for Australia's property bubble refuses to die

It is the "zombie idea" afflicting the Australia-China economic relationship.


Rational talk on housing prices lost in a bubble

The latest house price index figures show a year-on-year increase in property values in Sydney of 14.3%.


Housing bubble or not, negative gearing should stay

The perennial debate about negative gearing of residential property investments has been reignited yet again


Home loan limits and buffers won't stop a housing bubble

Australia's central bank has formally flagged the use of macroprudential tools to address what it called "unbalanced" lending


Seven things keeping house prices high (and foreign investment isn't one of them)

Tha value of Australia's residential houses has increased dramatically in the past two years


Australian banks are too exposed to mortgages, but what if the world was flat?

One of the issues currently being considered by Australia's Financial System Inquiry is the heavy exposure of Australian banks to the residential mortgage market.


Going bananas over affordable housing

Some people liken houses to bananas. When the supply of bananas drops, prices rise.


Millions of households are missing out on good financial planning

The wealth profile of Australian households has changed phenomenally over the past 25 years


To tackle risk, address how mortgage brokers are paid

APRA released a draft prudential practice guide on residential mortgage lending in May

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