March 25, 2019 | 07:58 PM

Millionaire Mindset


Ita Buttrose chats to FatCat about money & success

Twice voted Australia's Most Admired Woman, Ita Buttrose is a doyenne of Australian publishing


The Top 5 Habits of Wealthy People

Apart from a few big spenders who enjoy indulging in fanciful whims it seems that the moneyed minority generally live a comfortable but non-extravagant life


Can wealth creation seminars make you rich?

You've heard that a seminar will change your life...


$50 to a $20 million empire

He went from $50 to a $20 million empire in under six years. Now he wants to show others how it's done.


Having a millionaire's mindset

To become a millionaire you need to think like one says world expert.


Young multi-millionaires

Is there a formula for making loads of money? If so, the mega rich, high achievers that we have chosen to feature in our 'wealth creation' series, know the answer and more importantly, know how to apply it.


How to Buy Happiness with Money

Researchers distilled their findings into eight suggestions about how to spend in ways that actually increase our happiness.

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