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Which stocks remain a buy?

The resources boom is over but gold, oil and coal seam gas stocks remain on buy lists


Does the strategy to buy and hold work?

Right now, investors are seeing the major downside to the buy-and-hold strategy - what happens in a savage bear market.


Winners and losers for 2008

As the year draws to a close, let's take a look at The Scoreboard - the winners and losers for 2008.


Broker Stock Recommendations

6 to BUY, 6 to SELL and 6 to HOLD


The new way to buy real estate

Are residential property derivatives about to become the next hot investment?


Fear rules

There has been nothing logical about the way the stock market has been gyrating over the past several months


Don't be coerced into selling your shares

Have you received an unsolicited letter offering to buy some of your shares? If so, tread carefully.


Bored? Try these investing ideas for size

Investing doesn't have to be a yawn. Some investors make a handy packet out of following what they love, whether that's art, coins or even alpaca farming.


Top 8 investment ideas you need to know about

If you were going to limit the investing universe, which would be the top options?


How to pick a champion managed fund

They may be the simplest way to invest, but with over 10,000 managed funds to choose from, trying to select a champion fund, is a daunting task.

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