July 16, 2018 | 06:58 PM



Why Another Stock Market Decline Is Coming

In May 2010 and again in May 2011, the stock market started a sell-off that lasted several months.


Four Shocks That Could Change China

In the past four months, the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) has experienced four shocks that could materially affect, if not eventually end, its "leading role" in Chinese society.


China Shows Strong Growth in March

The semi-official number has shown expansion for four straight months.


Favorite Cities Of The Super Rich

Multi-millionaires have their pick of the litter.


China Official Warns Of Tough Months Ahead For Exporters

The export capital of the world is in for a long, slow slog thanks to weak trading partners in Europe and creeping protectionism in good ole free market America.


Seven Election Year Chinese Stocks

Last year was a dismal year for Chinese stocks.


10 Questions To Ask Before Investing With An Emerging Manager

Emerging managers often pursue innovative investment strategies that are designed to capture market inefficiencies that have not yet been recognized by other firms.


China's Zero-Growth Economy

On Friday, the National Bureau of Statistics announced that China's production of electricity surged 20.6% in February.


China's Politics In Rare Bloom

This week marks the opening of the National People's Congress (NPC) which constitutes China's annual season of high political theater.


Ten Ways for Mining Companies to Work Better with Indigenous People

Why is there such a big gap between what's important to indigenous people and how mining companies are addressing their priorities?

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