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On Cusp Of Leadership Change, China Is Striking Out

In the minds of investors, China is striking out.


The World's 25 Biggest Oil Companies

The following 2012 ranking of the world's biggest is based on the combined volumes of oil and natural gas that these companies produce each day.


Four Tips On How To Approach China's Art Boom

China's art market has become one of the world's most important in the past decade


Trade and China

Edward Allen, from the Council on Foreign Relations, writes at the NYT that economists are more inclined to blame globalization for declines in income.


China's Inland Growth Gives Rural Laborers More Opportunities Near Home

If land and labor costs in central and western provinces continue to rise rapidly, factories would be unwilling to relocate there due to their inferior logistics network.


15% Decline in Global Gold Jewelry Demand

Worldwide gold jewelry demand fell 15 percent.


Chinese Global Brands? Not Yet.

What makes a brand truly global and why the top brands from the West should not be complacent.


Chinese Solar Manufacturers Face Blowback As Trade War Escalates

China's headlong rush into solar-energy equipment for export to the West has stirred global trade tensions.


The Japan-China Territorial Dispute is Serious, and Escalating

Increasing, and increasingly dangerous, confrontation seems to lie ahead.


Chinese Companies Are Getting Bigger, but are they Getting Better?

Chinese corporations are getting bigger in terms of revenue, bypassing their Japanese counterparts.

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