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Do dire warnings of falling living standards add up to need for tax reform?

The OECD in a preliminary version of its 2012 Economic Outlook lowered its growth forecasts for Australia from 3.7% to 3.0% in 2013.


Making sense of ASIC's new rules on dark liquidity and high-frequency trading

The Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation recently announced new ASIC Market Integrity Rules


Investors plot a rival strategy for Qantas

The flying kangaroo might have lost its bounce, but it seems to be heading into another bumpy ride.


Why we should pull the plug on privatising electricity

Surging power prices are having savage consequences for household discretionary incomes.


Too many lawsuits might break the banking sector

NAB published its 2012 annual report, confirming that its net profit for the year had fallen by about 21%, mainly from higher bad and doubtful debt charges.


No clear resolution for the US fiscal cliff

When President Obama took office in 2008, there was little time for rest or reflection.


Bank of Japan's Shirakawa, Boosting QE Against Non-Existent Deflation, Called by Likely Next PM to Raise Inflation to 3%

QE is still seen as the elixir that can not only reverse deflation but also jump start sustainable real economic growth and lower unemployment


Think the US electoral system is flawed? Check out Australia's ...

In the run-up to today?s presidential election, President Barack Obama received just over $632 million in candidate contributions


Virgin Australia gains low-cost and regional foothold

Virgin is well on it's way to becoming a full-cost carrier rather than the low-cost carrier it started out as.


China's Enrons

China's Big Four banks have reported better-than-expected results for the third quarter.

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