June 16, 2019 | 07:44 AM



Data indicates the recession is effectively here; it's what policy makers do next that counts

The latest economic figures released by the ABS have fuelled the debate on the future of the Australian economy


Dollar down, volatility up: what Australia can expect from a US rate rise

For some time, the Fed has suggested rates will start to rise once unemployment has fallen sufficiently


Australia's economy is slowing: what you need to know

Australia's economy grew by just 0.2% in the June quarter


Dramatic sharemarket gyrations may mask longer term dangers

The past week saw dramatic movements on global equities markets


Australia's banks are safe, so deposit levy is looking like a revenue grab

An inspection of the legislation reveals that in the event of the failure of an Australian bank, there is no need for a levy to fund a depositor bailout.


Is it time for markets to pause for breath, or will the volatility continue?

Chinese stocks have fallen by 20%, US sharemarkets have declined nearly 10%, and Australian markets have followed global markets in posting a decline of 6.4%.


Qantas turnaround delivers some useful market lessons

Qantas has come a long, long way since the federal government rebuffed its request for corporate welfare last year


CEO pay is high, but it's inequity that warrants attention

Excesses of CEO pay make headlines during annual company reporting season


India debates monetary policy in shadow of US rate rise

India's Reserve Bank has been doing a commendable job of maintaining price stability and securing Indian markets


Tax reform and the simplistic nature of the capital gains tax discount

Calls for changes to Australia?s perceived ?generous? capital gains tax regime have arisen given the current federal budget deficit.

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