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Beyond GDP: are there better ways to measure well-being?

"At present, we are stealing the future, selling it in the present, and calling it GDP." - Paul Hawken


Rates tipped to stay on hold in final RBA decision for 2014

Australia's economic outlook has not moved much since last month.


Productivity could trump the iron ore price, but who's counting?

The PBO predicts the budget back in the black in 2018-19 and generating a surplus of 1.4% of GDP in 2024-25.


Koala diplomacy: Australian soft power saves the day at G20

Never before has Australia been more at the heart of global affairs


Australia-China free trade only a first step to real partnership

Today?s completion of free trade talks with China has been ten years in the making.


Iron ore race to the bottom not in the interests of Australians

This expansion in production by the three largest iron ore exporters in the world is puzzling


Don't just target the big banks: why all banks need higher capital

A crisis can trigger a run on banks.


RBA's holding pattern is likely to stay, for now

Australian headline inflation eased from 3% p.a. in the second quarter to 2.3% p.a in the third quarter.


Should bank capital levels distress Australian regulators?

The ECB this weekend failed 25 of the 130 banks it tested on the strength of their capital buffers to protect against a downturn.


Telstra gets serious about health, but will the public trust it?

Telstra has this week announced its intentions to significantly develop its health business.

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