July 19, 2018 | 02:23 AM

Get Out of Debt


John Symond's top 5 debt tips

Don't turn short-term debt into a long-term debt disaster


Congratulations! You're pre-approved!

A landmark report commissioned by the Consumer Action Law Centre has exposed psychological tricks used to market credit card limit increases in unsolicited letters.


Good versus bad debt

The key to being smart with your money is learning to differentiate between good and bad debt.


When interest rates rise - should you switch lenders?

Official interest rates have peaked at 7.25 per cent - the highest since December 1994 when they were 7.5 per cent - and it's playing havoc with household budgets. FatCat looks at the issue of switching lenders.


Quick fix for out of control mobile bills

While deregulation of Australia's telecommunication industry has led to more choice for consumers, the complexity of plans on offer is creating angst, uncertainty and escalating bills for many.


Is your mobile costing you a fortune?

Mobile phone providers have come up with nifty ways to not only dominate our free time - with addictive-services like texting, downloading ringtones to video messaging - but also charging us for the privilege.


Drowning in credit card debt?

With more than 14 million credit and charge cards in use across this wide brown land, it's fair to say Australians love their plastic.

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