February 21, 2018 | 02:05 PM

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Five reasons the Turnbull government shouldn't let us spend super on a home

Allowing first homebuyers to cash out their super to buy a home is a seductive idea with a long history


Property developers pay developer charges, that's why they argue against them

A good rule of thumb in debates on who bears the economic cost of a policy change is to look at the positions taken by vested interests in the matter.


Inefficient tax slugs all homebuyers

Housing affordability is more than just house prices.


Australians less likely to survive home ownership than Britons

Between 2001 and 2010 roughly 1.7 million Australians dropped out of home ownership and shifted back to renting.


Four tax policies Australian house prices rest on

The issues of tax and house prices are colliding


Five reasons housing is more affordable overseas

Housing affordability continues to be an issue of importance to voters


Blowing bubbles: the tricky task of tackling Sydney's property market

How risky is sudden asset price inflation?


The facts on Australian housing affordability

Housing affordability, high house prices and rents are attracting plenty of media attention right now.


'Slippers' and 'stickers': the hidden victims of rising house prices

Australia needs to have a housing conversation that isn' just about housing "bubbles", profits and investment properties.


Four ways we can clean up corruption in land rezoning

One routine governance decision prone to corruption is the zoning of our cities.

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