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How the humble bathroom can transform a home?s value

Property prices in Australia fluctuate based on a range of factors.


Why using a mortgage calculator is a good move

The mortgage calculator is a tool that comes with a lot of benefits no matter what stage of the application process you might be at.


Extensions: Are they worth it for boosting property value?

This article will explore home extensions and consider whether or not they're worth it in the grand scheme of home sales.


Property market round-up: Focus on the ACT

Here's a run-down of exactly what's happening in the Australian Capital Territory's (ACT) property market.


Property round-up: Focus on Northern Territory

This article will explore exactly what the current state of the market is in NT, and it will also look closely at what the future holds for this increasingly beleaguered part of Australia.


Property market round-up: Focus on Tasmania

At face value, the property market in Tasmania is looking buoyant at the moment. Statistics show that values are significantly on the rise.


Property market round-up: Focus on Western Australia

This article will look at the uncertain state of the property market in Perth - as well as problems beyond the city limits.


Finding the right mortgage: A guide

Here are some tips on how to find the right mortgage and how to ensure it does not become too onerous a burden.


Property round-up: Focus on Victoria

Victoria is perhaps one of Australia's best states to live in. From cosmopolitan cities to seaside towns, there's a living experience here for every personality.


State of the market: Focus on New South Wales

As the home of Australia's largest city, New South Wales is the most prosperous state in Australia.

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