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Why the binary options world is bad for investors

With the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) blacklisting some binary options companies, it's clear that there's potential trouble to be found.


How to get started in forex trading

This article will begin to explain how the forex markets work and how new forex traders can get started in this diverse and exciting world.


CFDs: What do the different tools do?

In recent years, online platforms have become something of a fascination for those who want to dip their toe into the world of trading. Here, then, is a quick guide from FatCat.com.au.


Regulating the world of online trading: the Australian approach

Unscrupulous brokers who fail to make clear the risk of loss can give traders unrealistic expectations about outcomes. As a result, Australian regulators have taken steps to ensure that online traders are adequately protected.


The new investment world: Online CFD trading

Learn about the brave new world of CFD trading in 2018 with Fat Cat


We Live In An Age Of Energy Abundance

What will it take for us to realise that the doom-mongers are wrong, and that we live in an era of energy abundance?


Down, down but not different: Australia's supermarkets in a race to the bottom

For 25 years, Woolworths told shoppers they were "the fresh food people".


Keeping up or holding back? The regulation challenge for government

A 21st Century government needs 21st Century regulation.


Using family trusts to minimise tax is on the nose: so why are policy makers silent?

The general public know there is something "not right" with the tax treatment of family trusts


From 'debt and deficit' to 'building prosperity': what's needed to shift the economic narrative

Turnbull began the conversation on Sunday in announcing his new ministry.

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