July 19, 2018 | 06:27 AM

Get Out of Debt


Australia: Personal debt capital of the world

It may not be a well-known fact, but Australians actually have one of the highest levels of personal debt anywhere in the developed world.


The debt pyramid: What to pay off first

Australia is in the middle of a silent debt crisis. Although studies show that well over a million Australian households are technically classified as "over-indebted", few people are aware of the scale of the problem.


Debt consolidation: a blessing or a curse?

Australian consumer debt is on the rise. While there are some advantages to the debt spikes, the high interest repayments are also getting increasingly difficult


Personal debt: How Australia was bitten by the bug

Find out how Australians have succumbed to personal debt in 2018 and how to avoid it.


Australians are saving more, but are more comfortable with debt

Australians know that adequate savings can help provide for a rainy day


Chasing money: why the insolvency industry needs reform

Proposed laws to reform the insolvency industry are long overdue.


How much is your debt really costing you?

Low monthly payments are easy on the wallet. However, interest and other fees lurk just below the surface.


The Ultimate Resolution For 2012: Kick Debt

Joshua Hoyt resolved to make a better 2012.


What's Your Debt Really Costing You?

Although your minimum monthly payment may not look like much, your debt is denting your finances more than you realize.


Solve your credit card dilemmas today

If your credit card balance is losing you sleep at night then for goodness sake do something about it today.

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