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30.08.2018How the humble bathroom can transform a home?s value

Property prices in Australia fluctuate based on a range of factors.

Property prices in Australia fluctuate based on a range of factors. Unsurprisingly, the biggest cities command high prices, for example. But major cities also have problems associated with their large populations, such as a glut of apartments. Out in the country prices can be a lot lower, but properties can be harder to sell on once bought.

No matter where in Australia a property is purchased, though, there are some steps which can be taken to improve sale value. For those who can’t take the biggest step of all and build an extension, there’s still hope. Bathroom improvements may seem like an odd means for adding value, but it’s actually a great place to do it. Here are just some of the main ways to transform a bathroom for maximum gain.

Facts and figures

When it comes to working out exactly how much a homeowner can expect to make upon the sale of a home with a renovated bathroom, they’ll have a lot to take into account. It depends in part on the size of the bathroom, the location of the home, and exactly what fixtures and fittings they choose to use. On the whole, though, some studies have shown that value-add levels of even $50,000 are possible – so it’s definitely worth looking into.

While redoing a bathroom to enhance the chances of making a sale could be very lucrative, it’s wise to consider the possibility that the sale of the property won’t quite cover the costs. For those who think that could be a risk in their area, it may be worth either avoiding the renovation or holding off on selling for a year or two so that they can enjoy their expensive new bathroom for a while as well.

Do it properly

For those who are going to take the leap and transform their bathroom, it’s always worth doing it properly instead of cutting costs. This could be bad news for someone who is looking to save a dollar or two on their home improvement bill, but it’s best seen as an investment in a property’s future. After all, a cheap overhaul will most likely result in more costs down the line.

Ensuring that no shoddy workmanship takes place is especially important in a bathroom. It’s one of the only rooms in the home where a large number of both electrical and plumbing fittings meet, and there could be disastrous consequences if the work is done incorrectly. One horror story from the Sunshine Coast told of a couple whose bathroom renovation included an improperly installed waterproofing system which ultimately led to rot building up under the surface and a bill of around $10,000.

Stay modern

Anyone who owns a modern home won’t have much trouble finding suitable bathroom designs at any cutting-edge showroom. Those who live in a traditional property may be inclined to avoid installing anything that looks too modern, though, and this could present a challenge. While the decor, aesthetic and small furnishings can usually be kept old-fashioned, there are some inevitably modern items that homeowners in these sorts of properties really should consider installing anyway – such as electric showers. Very few potential buyers, even those with traditional tastes, are willing to sacrifice basic modern conveniences, and omitting them could harm the price at sale.

Depending what sort of property is in question and where in Australia it’s located, it may feel like selling is a never-ending struggle. And while other alternatives like building an extension may be able to provide more of a return in the long run, not all homeowners can afford that sort of project. As a result, boosting value may lie in an affordable yet gorgeous bathroom renovation that potential buyers will simply love.

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