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02.07.2018How top technology can boost home valuations

Traditional value-boosting tips like adding an extension or renovating the bathroom are still useful ways to increase a property?s sale price. But the dawn of the age of technology has meant there are plenty of other ways for people to boost the valu

Australia is globally renowned for its high standard of living. This is reflected in the overall quality of the average family home. But as anyone who has tried to sell a home in recent years will know, the housing sector is subject to broader market fluctuations – and it may not be as thriving as it seems from the outside. Sales can still be sluggish if you don’t find the right buyer for your property. Moreover, some experts predict that housing prices will fall by several percentage points in some of the country’s major cities like Sydney and Melbourne in the near future.

Traditional value-boosting tips like adding an extension or renovating the bathroom are still useful ways to increase a property’s sale price. This will likely remain true for a long time to come. But the dawn of the age of technology has meant there are plenty of other ways for people to boost the value of their properties.

Here are just some of the ways that this is happening in the property market across Australia today.

Security advances

Neighborhood safety is often an important factor for property buyers. Security systems like cameras or alarms have been available for some time, but for many homeowners the price points of these services were not feasible. But thanks to technological advances, security hardware and software is much more affordable now. 

Installing a smart home security system is one option here. These systems come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s possible for a seller to construct a bespoke system that suits the needs of the individual property. Conveniently, they can automate security tasks that residents may forget to do, such as turning on window lights at certain times in order to create the illusion of occupation. They also often give residents the ability to see easily and discreetly who is outside their property before they answer – which is a particularly useful security function for those looking to sell retirement properties, as it reduces the risk of door-to-door fraud.

Home entertainment systems

While making sure a buyer is entertained is perhaps not quite as important as making sure they stay secure in their new home, it’s still an important consideration. Today, Internet-enabled entertainment is much more popular and accessible than ever before – and many prospective buyers will expect properties to eb setup for this.

Easily-transported devices, like television screens, will most likely be brought by the new buyer. But satellite television dishes or integrated speakers which fit into the walls or ceilings, though, will most likely be left in the property when it’s sold. Although the jury’s out on exactly how much value this sort of technology adds to a property, it’s the sort of desirable extra than can push an already interested potential buyer towards committing to a purchase.


Often, it’s when it comes to lighting systems that modern home technology really comes into its own. The core principle of these smart lighting systems is that they can be controlled from a central location, such as a smartphone or a laptop computer. Those with voice-controlled systems, such as Amazon’s Alexa, can use that technology to control them too.

There are all sorts of benefits to a smart lighting system. Rather than just come with one hue (as is the case with a traditional bulb), some smart systems have hundreds of thousands of potential colours - ideal for ambient mood lighting and seasonal illumination. As with home entertainment systems, though, smart lighting is often not a deal breaker in the way that security might be. Instead, it’s wise to see smart lighting as the sort of investment that can give an already competitive property some additional value and close the deal.

Home owners looking to sell their properties are often on the lookout for ways to boost their home’s value, and everything from smart lighting to home security systems are possible methods. While technology is not a guaranteed path to a high value sale, it can make a property more appealing to prospective buyers that are receptive to it.  

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