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27.12.2013Is The Customer Always Right?

The customer is always the customer.

Micah Solomon, Forbes.com

Is the customer always right?

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As a consultant, speaker, author, trainer, on the customer experience and customer service, I get asked a lot of questions.  And for whatever reason, I get asked this question more than any other.  Truly! In interviews, keynote speeches, training sessions, seminars, workshops–it always come up.

I’ve answered the question in various ways over the year, but all my answers boil down to the following:

The customer isn’t always right. But you want to make her feel like she is.

Right and wrong are hard to sort out. Think of the sworn – but completely misremembered – eyewitness testimony that has convicted so many innocent men and women.

Your goal here needs to be the polar opposite of trying to play Sherlock Holmes here, by and large.  It’s not your goal to make it clear to the customer how inaccurate their position is.  Instead, focus on putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, their eyes in your sockets, until you understand why they feel, and in fact “are,” right.”  And make them feel good about it.

They’re your customer after all. The customer is always the customer.



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