May 23, 2015 | 05:03 AM

No, it's not you: why 'wellness' isn't the answer to overwork

Many of the people who visit me in my therapy practice spend time talking about work.


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Tax reform - can we ALL win?Tax reform is a political process based on negotiation and compromise.

Sorry Joe, consumer spending will disappoint Santa this Christmas
Debunking the 'cost of children' argument
Are You Getting Paid Enough?
Protecting Your Financial Accounts from Hackers
MoreSavings Tips

Top 5 Ways To Save Water At HomeThe typical American family uses about 400 gallons of water every day.

6 Spending Styles That Will Help You Save
5 More Incredibly Simple Things You Should Do To Protect Your Privacy
Hair Color and Money Habits
How To Manage And Reduce Your Personal Debt This Holiday Season

MoreGet Out of Debt

Chasing money: why the insolvency industry needs reformProposed laws to reform the insolvency industry are long overdue.

How much is your debt really costing you?
The Ultimate Resolution For 2012: Kick Debt
What's Your Debt Really Costing You?
Solve your credit card dilemmas today
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This budget - like others before - will favour the rent-seekersIt was recognised by social scientists that income inequality in developed countries had been rising for a while

How co-housing could make homes cheaper and greener
Payday lending trap requires a credit supply rethink
NSW is dragging its feet on help for aspiring first home owners
Australia needs more than dense housing arguments


Employers need more than money to hire older workersThis year's federal budget brings forward incentives designed to encourage companies to employ older workers

Budget brief: will I lose my age pension?
Ageing population calls for more reverse mortgages
Dealing with the economics of ageing doesn't have to be unfair
It's an age-old problem we still haven't tackled

Competition the wrong test for iron ore inquiryFortescue Metals Group Chairman Andrew Forrest has stepped up his campaign against competitors Rio and BHP

A tale of two futures: Australia's economy under climate change
Bigger breaks for smaller business will come at a cost
Budget explainer: the forces influencing Australia's economy
To fix confidence this budget will need to contain stimulus

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As China changes from world's factory to innovator, Australia needs to keep paceAustralia's economic future can be bright.

The super rich and tax: lifters or leaners?
It's Never Been Easier To Build This Little-Known Type Of Wealth
A Checklist For Super Productivity.
How I Founded a Top Marketing Technology Startup in Less Than 6 Months

High youth unemployment can't be blamed on wagesYouth unemployment rates in Australia have been increasing steadily since the global financial crisis

From rooster to feather duster: why leaders can't change
Rising jobless rate means young workers lose in penalty rates deal
There could be more winners than losers in reducing minimum wages and penalty rates
Cyber security winners will be those that nurture talent

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Chinese industry gets an overhaul but there's no end in sight to cheap labourChina's industrial landscape is in a process of rapid transformation.

Agriculture could be the next boom for Australia
Who bears the cost when your Uber or Airbnb turns bad?
Codes of conduct: making things clear is better than 'keeping it real'
FactCheck: do eight out of 10 taxpayers work every day to pay our $150b welfare bill?
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Returning to work after childbirth: still a case of 'managing it all'The return by women to paid work after maternity or parental leave plays a crucial role in driving our workforce and...

Priceless: the inefficient, but merry economics of Christmas
Pie Face collapse a lesson in biting off more than you can chew
Rise of corporate divorces leads to fleeting gains
National financial planning register will just list problem, not solve it

"It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
Abraham Lincoln

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